When you decide to sell your home where should you start? There is more to the process than just sticking a for sale sign in your yard. Here are five things to consider when you start the process of selling your home. 

  1. Remove Emotion – Selling a home is a financial decision. It can be hard for people to remove emotion from this decision especially when they have found memories of a home. Perhaps it was the first home you purchased, or the first home shared with your spouse, or your children’s first home. Process your sentimental memories and cherish them but keep them separate from the decisions that impact selling your home like setting a price and staging.

  2. Set a Realistic Price – Compare your home to others in the market. Some homes sell faster than others and having a competitive, realistic asking price is often a large factor in how quickly they move. Remember that you get to decide whether you accept or deny offers made on your home.

  3. Stage Your Home – Your home should be clean, uncluttered and depersonalized to improve your selling process. Staging your home in an optimal layout to draw potential buyer’s attention is a smart move. Learn More About Staging

  4. Get Good Photos – After your home is staged make sure there are good photos highlighting all the features of your home. Many people look at home listings online to determine if they want to have a home showing. Have good quality photos that give home buyer’s a reason to request a tour or visit your open house.

  5. Hire a Real Estate Agent – We’re here to help you make sure all these things are covered. There are a lot of moving parts in a home sale. Making sure all the details are covered and reaching the right market to get your home sold are important.

These five things will get you started in the right direction to sell your home. As always, we’re here to help. Don’t tackle the home sale process alone. You’ll appreciate the guidance and support. 

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