When you are getting ready to sell your home there are many things you’ll need to consider. To get you started implement these 10 important home staging tips. Get started early so you aren’t rushing at the last minute. You’ll thank yourself when your home gets listed and sold!

  1. De-personalize the space This helps the potential home buyers envision themselves in the space instead of just being a visitor looking at all the adorable photos of your family. Create a blank canvas for them, eliminate personal touches that make the home yours.

  2. Remove Clutter Getting rid of personal items starts this process. Then continue by removing everything that you don’t need to have in your home. It will help make the home look more spacious. Pack things up and store them someplace besides your closets – prospective buyers will open closets.

  3. Clean From Top to Bottom– Clean every inch of your home. A dirty, dusty, dingy home turns off potential buyers. Everything matters from window, fans, closets, cabinets, window coverings – nothing is off limits. A clean home portrays a sense of pride in ownership and signals that the home was taken care of over the years.

  4. Freshen Up Your Front Entrance First impressions mean a lot. Make sure your front entrance is clean, sturdy and attractive. Is that railing by your front steps wiggly? Take care of it. Scrub your front door and add an inviting potted plant and simple doormat. Stay simple, yet inviting.

  5. Get an Outside Opinion You see your home every day. Ask an honest friend, family member or your realtor for their opinion on what areas in your home need work before putting it for sale. They’ll provide a fresh perspective and see things you won’t.

  6. Lighten Up First of all, make sure all your lights are functioning. Check bulbs inside and outside. Make sure fixtures are clean, dust and bug free. When prospective buyers tour your home you’ll want to turn on lights, open blinds and make sure all spaces are as bright as possible. This makes your home more welcoming.

  7. How Does It Smell? Avoid cooking strong scented foods when you have your home for sale. Things like cooked fish and bacon can linger for a long time. Consider scents from pets and cigarettes. Open windows to air out the space. Buyers will notice a strong scent in a home immediately and it will often scare them away.

  8. Neutral Wall Color You may love bright, bold colors, but not all people enjoy them. Neutral wall colors work best when trying to sell a home. Again it helps people envision themselves in the space and allows people to make it their own. Invest in some paint and freshen up your walls with some neutral colors if walls are bold or busy.

  9. Curb Appeal Take a look at your yard and front of your home. Do you have overgrown trees and shrubs, weedy landscaping, faded shutters or dirty siding? Give things a trim and wash. Spruce things up, so people driving by and stopping for an open house are impressed from the beginning.

  10. Create Flow Rearrange and remove unnecessary furniture. Make it easy to walk through your home and create space.

Preparing your home for sale does not need to cost a lot of money. Time and effort go a long way. You might want to spend a little bit of money on some paint or a few small things, but cleaning, decluttering and rearranging inside and out can make a big difference to help your home sell quickly.

Does the thought of this overwhelm you? The Broll Team has resources to help. Reach out today.